Online Monitoring for Nutrition
Production Plants 

24/7 monitoring of critical machines combined with expert support and analysis from our team of specialists. 

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Harness the Power of the Eastway Safeguard® System

Eastway is a world-leading condition monitoring and reliability partner. Our monitoring services are fully remote, secure and online. Eastway has deep domain knowledge of critical machine monitoring and maintenance for the nutrition sector. The Eastway Safeguard® System is used to monitor dryers, homogenizers, wastewater treatment systems, compressed air dryers, utilities equipment, and other machinery that is critical to the nutrition production process.

  • Increase production availability and output

  • Eradicate unplanned downtime

  • Enhance machine learning capabilities

  • Reduce product loss

  • Prevent secondary machine damage

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Streamline maintenance resources

“The service that Eastway offers us has significantly improved early detection of possible failure modes within our process. This
ensures the reduced cost of repair as well increased uptime of our production facility. I would highly recommend Eastway as a reliability partner’.”

Tony Conway, Danone

Why Nutrition Manufacturers Choose Eastway’s Online Monitoring System

Eastway has vast experience working with multi-site operators in the nutrition sector. This industry is known for its complex production processes. Powders and food supplements are dried at extreme heat which can result in lubrication issues and unexpected failures. Our mission is to shoulder the burden of critical machine reliability, to prevent machine breakdown and support operational profitability. 

The most effective means of predicting machine faults

We monitor machines using vibration analysis. This has proven to be one of the most effective methods of spotting mechanical and electrical faults. Vibration analysis is perfectly suited to monitoring the type of equipment often used in nutrition production. This includes dryers, mixers, support fans and chilled water pumps. With vibration analysis, issues can be detected months in advance.

Empowering plants to streamline maintenance resources

Plants within the nutritional sector carry large, expensive, high-value assets. Holding spare parts on-site can be a serious drain on resources. By identifying faults in advance, plants are afforded valuable lead time. This reduces costs associated with having a large inventory of spare parts. 

24/7 support from a team of condition monitoring specialists

Remote machine diagnosis is completed by a team of Eastway condition monitoring experts. When irregularities occur, alerts are sent to the customer and our team of specialists. They then assess the issue, identify the root cause, share an action report and advise on maintenance decisions. 

Why Eastway Safeguard® System?


Our system was developed by our own team of remote monitoring experts to provide complete reassurance and protection against machine failure.


We provide consultative analysis, direct human support, in-person and dial-in as needed – not a generic email with instructions, but support when you need it.


We have a global presence – with 24/7 online monitoring and support. With locations in Singapore, the US and Europe, Eastway is your global reliability partner.


Remote machine diagnosis is completed by our team of experts. Reports include overall vibration trends and complete FFT spectra data from each sensor point. 

Deep Domain Expertise

Eastway is the reliability partner of choice for multi-site manufacturers across a number of sectors including pharma, food and beverage, and nutrition amongst others.

Food and Beverage

Eastway has years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the food and drinks industry. 

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We work with a number of world-leading pharma companies, monitoring air handling units and other critical machinery.

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Your Global Reliability Partner

Our system was developed by machine monitoring engineers to provide complete reassurance and protection against machine failure. Gain full visibility of machine condition, forward plan critical downtime and increase operational efficiency.

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