Online Condition Monitoring for
Pharma Plants

24/7 monitoring of critical machines coupled with expert support and analysis from our team of specialists. 

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Harness the Power of the Eastway Safeguard® System

Eastway has vast experience working with some of the biggest names in the pharma industry. The Eastway Safeguard® System is used to monitor air handling units, centrifuges, cooling towers, mixers, reactor agitators, and other machinery that is critical to pharma production. Our remote machine monitoring system allows pharma operators to plan downtime in advance. Plants can streamline resources, reduce the need to hold expensive spare parts and free up staff to work on higher value tasks. 

  • Increase production output

  • Eliminate unplanned downtime

  • Enhance machine learning capabilities

  • Reduce batch loss

  • Gain greater insights on machine data

  • Prevent secondary machine damage

  • Increase operational efficiency

  • Streamline maintenance resources

“Eastway is a company I have endorsed for years. Eastway embrace predictive maintenance and
modern technology to get the very best out of assets. They are a proactive company that simply get
the job done.”

TJ Coen, Allergan/AbbVie

Why Pharmaceutical Companies Choose Eastway’s Online Condition Monitoring System 

Heating, ventilation and air-handling units play a vital role in ensuring the production of quality pharma products. Unexpected breakdowns can have a huge impact on production. Condition monitoring has proven to be one of the most effective ways of keeping pharma plants running smoothly. 

Eastway safeguard system infographic
We understand the importance of maintaining consistent levels of air change 

Air handling units serve critical cleanrooms that maintain consistent levels of air change. When AHUs fail unexpectedly, air change rates are severely impacted. This can lead to batch loss, contamination and complete production shutdown. Eastway’s online condition monitoring system allows pharma manufacturers to identify issues in advance and dramatically reduce downtime. 

Straightforward monitoring of hard-to-reach critical machinery

Air handling units are located in enclosed spaces that are not easily accessible. This means that AHUs are often very difficult to manage. AHUs are ideally suited to online condition monitoring and vibration analysis. Once the system is set up, critical machines are monitored remotely, thus sidestepping all accessibility issues.

Continuously improving our systems and insights layer 

At Eastway, we work hard to constantly enhance our data gathering capabilities. In 2020, we announced the launch of a funded project with the University of Limerick in partnership with PMTC (Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre) that will examine vibration response signatures in production equipment related to pharmaceutical industry.

Why Eastway Safeguard® System?


Our system was developed by our own team of remote machine monitoring experts to provide complete reassurance and protection against machine failure.


We provide consultative analysis, direct human support, in-person and dial-in as needed – not a generic email with instructions, but support when you need it.


We have a global presence – with 24/7 online monitoring and support. With locations in Singapore, the US and Europe, Eastway is your global reliability partner.


Remote machine diagnosis is completed by our team of experts. Reports include overall vibration trends and complete FFT spectra data from each sensor point. 

Deep Domain Expertise

Eastway is the reliability partner of choice for multi-site manufacturers across a number of sectors including pharma, food and beverage, and nutrition amongst others.

Food and Beverage

Eastway has years of experience working with some of the biggest names in the food and drinks industry. 

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Eastway has deep domain knowledge of critical machine monitoring and maintenance for the nutrition sector.

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Your Global Reliability Partner

Our system was developed by machine monitoring engineers to provide complete reassurance and protection against machine failure. Gain full visibility of machine condition, forward plan critical downtime and increase operational efficiency.

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