To celebrate International Women In Engineering Day 2020 #INWED20 we chatted to our Eastway engineer Maria Alejandra Bonilla Diaz and asked her a few questions about her journey into a career in engineering. Originally from South America Maria joined Eastway in 2017.

Maria, why did you want to become an engineer?

‘Since I was a child, I have been fascinated with maths and physics. In school, it was in the science-based subjects where my interests and greatest abilities stranded out. I started to study Engineering since I loved everything that my career involves. I enjoy problem solving and that is exactly what engineers do! So, I think I have made the right choice.’

What kinds of opportunities has a career in engineering given you?

‘I have learned different process for making products in a variety of industries. Seen how industry works from supply chain to marketing and product delivery. Grown my personal and professional development, through working in different cultures in America and Europe.’

You were born in Venezuela, are there many female engineer role models where you were brought up?

‘Yes, my aunt has been a role model for me. She studied Oil & Gas Engineering and she has developed her career in the largest Oil & Gas company in my country.

Also, back in college I had many female lecturers that have been a great inspiration for me. Actually, more than 65% of my class were women.

Female engineers are common in my country, with numbers getting bigger nowadays.’

Why would you recommend engineering to young women choosing their career today?

‘If you love science, then Engineering is a career that will offer you exciting opportunities. You will get to be creative, think outside the box, solve problems, explore how things work and think that you can help to improve an organisation using your knowledge.’

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