The Eastway Team

Eastway’s team of condition monitoring experts bring a wealth of knowledge
and analytical insight to every customer engagement and provide 24/7 support.

Our History

Eastway was founded in 2001 by Bernard Berkery. First launched in Ireland, Eastway now provides condition monitoring expertise and support to global, multi-site manufacturers such as Astellas, Pfizer, MSD, Abbott, Abbvie and Mondeléz International. Since its establishment Eastway’s reliability, experience and technical expertise has provided our clients with increased industrial plant reliability and reduced energy losses.

In 2014 responding to our customers’ desire for zero machine downtime and the need for continuous monitoring of their most critical assets, our team of experts developed the Eastway Safeguard® System. The Eastway Safeguard® System is an online monitoring system which offers 24/7 surveillance of a plant’s assets, as well as remote machine condition diagnosis by a team of condition monitoring experts.

Our Customers

Your Global Reliability Partner

Headquartered in Ireland with offices in Asia and North America, we also have remote teams at various locations across the world. Our team has been providing condition-based monitoring and support to international multi-site manufacturers for over twenty years. The Eastway Safeguard® System was developed by our vastly experienced technical team to provide complete reassurance and protection against machine failure.

The Eastway Safeguard® System is permanently installed in close proximity to critical plant machinery. While the module is set up to automatically alert manufacturers when issues are detected, it is our consultative approach that has made Eastway a world leader. Our 24/7 team of condition monitoring specialists analyse data and provide direct support when needed. Our team of experts provide the extra layer of support that is so often overlooked. 

The Eastway Team

The Eastway team is made up of highly experienced reliability professionals, installation teams, R&D, hardware and software development engineers, sales and IT infrastructure support.  Our teams are located in offices across Europe, North America and Asia. 

Condition Monitoring

Our team of condition monitoring specialists monitor all alerts, irregularities and emerging issues. This support is vital in driving operational efficiency. Our condition monitoring engineers are involved in both on-site services and remote analysis. Our on-site services are geared towards improving plant condition and prolonging equipment life. Within our remote monitoring services, our team provides consultative support, analyses trends and makes recommendations. Decisions regarding machine maintenance are backed by data at all times.

Hardware & Software Design

Our team of hardware and software engineers play a central role in our research and development. We developed the Eastway Safeguard® System specifically for critical industrial machine monitoring and fault analysis. We are continuously investing in the innovation of our data sensing, systems and analytics. From detecting faults months in advance, displaying new data insights in our web portal, to solving manufacturing process problems, our technical team are always striving to deliver even greater value to our customers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML) is a branch of computer science where algorithms learn from data. ML uses historical data sets to create trained-models that can more accurately predict machine and process behaviour anomalies. Our engineers design and develop machine learning and deep learning models that are incorporated into the Eastway Safeguard® System. Our team is made up of experts in the fields of computer science and data analytics.

IT Infrastructure Support 

Eastway’s specialist team manages and deploys core infrastructure solutions. These solutions meet the data intensive requirements of condition monitoring and machine learning. Specialist knowledge areas include data storage, encryption, secure data transmission, networking, connectivity, and data access. The main goal of our IT infrastructure support team is to minimise downtime and maintain business productivity. The IT infrastructure support team ensures that our system performs at an optimal level.


Eastway’s experienced service engineers carry out all installations, maintenance and on-site machine monitoring services. With our on-site services we always try to work around your existing maintenance schedule to avoid unnecessary disruption. The team is immensely experienced on a wide range of equipment across multiple industries. Our team members are experts in sensor selection and positioning, knowing the most appropriate attachment method and optimum location for each machine we work with.


Eastway’s commitment to our customers is supported by our Finance team. They oversee the company’s long-term and day-to-day monetary operations and strategy and manage our business’ financial structures and accounting operations in Europe, North America, and Asia. This strong foundation has supported Eastway’s expansion, enabling us to deliver our highest level of quality to our customers who have operations across multiple regions and continents. 

Sales & Marketing

Eastway’s Technical Sales Team builds, maintains and supports long lasting relationships with our customers to execute our mission of shouldering the burden of critical machine reliability. Our team members are experts in their field and have the skills and knowledge to support our customers in implementing the best solutions. Our Marketing Team works tirelessly to communicate our company’s mission, vision and values. We are always listening to our market. The Marketing Team is responsible for supporting all aspects of internal and external communications.

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