Air leakage inspections of compressed air systems offer great savings potential. In fact, more than 40% of the savings potential can be achieved by getting leaks under control.

This case study is from a medical technology company located in Ireland where two ultrasonic leakage surveys were completed at the plant in 2021, achieving a total of 138 leaks found. The annual potential savings were estimated to be €29,830 in this plant.

The Eastway team have been supporting the on-site maintenance personnel in this company since 2018, carrying out a range of condition monitoring services such as vibration analysis surveys, thermography inspections and ultrasonic leakage surveys.

Case Description

As part of the predictive maintenance plan in place in this company, Eastway completed two ultrasonic leakage surveys in 2021. In total 138 leaks were found during the year, and they were graded according to their severity 1, 2, or 3. Grade 1 is considered a minor leak, while grade 3 is the most severe. Leak classification was done by assessing the intensity of the signal, type of leak, and observation by the Eastway personnel. Figure 1 below shows the number of leaks found by grade.

                Figure 1. Number of leaks found by grade during the ultrasonic leakage surveys in 2021

Additionally, as part of the analysis provided by Eastway, the associated cost of leaks was calculated. Figure 2. displays the savings associated with the leaks detected, per grade type in 2021. The green bar is the total savings.

Figure 2. Annual Potential Savings


There are many benefits of using ultrasound technology to detect air and other gas leaks on site. Most of the time these leaks are not possible to detect without the use of this technology. On this site, Ultrasonic air leakage inspections of compressed air system helped to find 138 compressed air leaks for this customer with a potential annual savings of €29,830. In addition to save energy and optimize the use of resources, it also allowed maintenance work to be carried out efficiently.

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